A Story Book

The book was old with moist blank pages

You explained how it remained empty for years

I decided to write the book, different from others

It was both painful and exciting experience indeed

I took three hundred and sixty five days to complete

Many contents were peaceful enough,

Many contents were scribbled with harsh words

Some pages contained my dynamic gestures

Some pages contained his tranquil behaviour .

One chapter contained about our self upbringing

The other contained which we learnt from each other.

Few were filled with others where we sneaked often

Most were filled how maturely we held each other .

After one long year of jostle and amble,

I returned the book back to him proudly

He gave a smile , looked at me, took me to a place

Shall we begin the story ? , I nodded and asked him

Why not publish it with both of us emphasised

Since it’s not me but us who have written the story !


Quite interesting and fascinating word

People loose themselves in the depth of the term

It suffocate’s someone whereas heavenly for other

At times when we roar, we are forced to keep silent

Other times we are adviced to speak violently

Kids are scolded often for their cacophony in school

Also they are hushed to level up their concentration.

We sing Christmas carols with our hearts puffed out

Still we drain our wishes silently to God through prayer.

Night signifies the symbol of silence and loneliness

While daylight symbolises work and meeting new ones

Our mind is a land full of dynamic perceptions

We find it difficult in selecting between red and pink

We could never state which will smoothen our life, so

How can we say,”Keep silent and wait it’ll be fine soon!”

Can we reborn ?

Did you see that white car behind our father !

Wish I could touch it sometime !

Stuck in the slums we are forced to crush our fantasy

Born in a congested family, we rest in a room

We struggle to see the sun through one window

We feel the noisy wind through a single door

Our ripped clothes signifies our unfulfilled dreams

We wait for our chance to wear slipper in the whole day

The cracked walls signifies our living condition

We grow old fighting for money and meager food

When hungry, we search for food in the dustbin

For a single penny we are stabbed by rich folks

We enjoy sunrise and sunset simultaneoulsy

We work, we brawl, we steal, we roar, always dejected

Still we are forced to smile inspite of being beaten

We shed tears away from all where no one judges us

We keep our secrects within us so that no one laughes

Yes we work for other’s happiness hiding our own pain

We believe in other but we are distrusted in all affairs

We are considered untouchable,so failed to share love

Just then I whispered again in her ear

Did you see that road which leads to our dreams?

Someday somwhere we might get scant opportunities

We will smile holding each other as we always do.

Fear , It haunts !

I want to avoid you all my life

Believing that you are gone now

Still you haunt me in all my instance

Bothering me in all my tasks

Pulling me back forcefully

Releasing all the negative vibes

The more I try to release you

The more clingy you become

So it’s better to accept you as a part

You are the one who can’t be departed

If you weren’t there then life would be futile

Since you show me my weakness boldly

So I gain lot of courage to overcome you

I fail multiple times and I have no regret

Since conquering you is much more tempting

As then I am left alone with no rival in that battlefield.


Remember those days when

Winning run race was the priority of life

Fighting for sandwich among seven people was moto

Pen fighting was tempting than scratches on board

Spilling water at each other before summer holidays

Punishment was accepted than listening lectures

Bunking plans were executed in call for hours

Helping each to pass was crucial and not individually

Crying for pencil was joyous than lost relationship

Tunning songs in our words forgetting the real

Waiting for zero period from morning was essential

Making memories was crucial than clicking pictures

Filling slam books with no negative vibes was precious.

Now we all departed,connected by video calls

With each passing day we crave for our childhood

We get few days in a year to recollect those memories

We try to practice those memories we did previously

Sometimes alone we think, ‘Didn’t we grow too fast ?’

Rejoicing those moments at midnight hits us very hard

Before we always had time,now we search for time

We were happier with us,now we are lost in strangers.

We started with board games, now we often hide only

We forgot to seek, we forgot us, we only complicate

Still laughing with strangers, breathing lifelessly.


Dear sorcerer,

I have a list of wishes in my bucket

They are very hard to fulfill alone

So I need your help urgently for my wishes

Can you send me a hero with super powers ?

He should be strong enough to carry them

He should be the wisest to avail possible discounts

He should fight against monsters to protect them

He should carefully keep them in my Kingdom.

I won’t force him to procure the richest material

If he stands with a coin being unable to buy anything

I will still hug him and hold his hand firmly

What’s more precious ? A super hero or oofy crave !

Scribbling Minds

Have you ever scribbled on a blank sheet ?

Isn’t it mesmerising enough to see the change

The immense rate of changes in the paper itself

From pure crystal white to horrified charcoal black

On finishing, we murmur for not adding colours to it !

In real world we always complain for a peaceful life

Did we ever realise that we stop adding colours

We are always born with a white sheet in our hands

We have nothing to gain nor to destroy that time

It’s all depended on how we paint the whole sheet.

We always think to paint the sheet with all colours,

We end up painting it black thus cursing others !

We never blame ourselves inspite of being the painters

We always destroy them who help us to select colour.

Does anyone have their sheets painted previously ?

Colour maybe anything , can we ever solve that puzzle !

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